What are some ideas for baby shower favors?


Baby showers are easy to plan, right up until you have to come up with ideas for party favors. Since the main focus should be on the guest of honor, party favors don't have to be over the top, they are basically a thank you for attending. You can either give out prizes for games, or give a gift bag out at the end. No matter what you choose, going simple is the best option. Small candles, coffee house gift cards, or anything that is used to pamper a lady will work wonders.
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M&Ms offer candies with names and other things printed on the candy which could be served at a baby shower. Also baby food jars filled with small candies or mints, baby shower
Select the type of favor you'd like to use for the baby shower. Favors often reflect the theme of the shower and the personalities of the parents-to-be. The options are unlimited,
You could give everyone a small bag of Jelly Belly jellybeans in
1 Purchase empty baby bottles. Choose either small or large-sized bottles. In most cases, you will want to choose bottles for their appearance instead of for their practicality, so
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Baby Shower Favor Ideas
Celebrating the arrival of a new baby can be a wonderful event. Hosting a baby shower for a family member, friend or co-workers can be exciting to plan and fun for those attending. Homemade and store-bought baby shower favors are a nice way of saying... More »
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