How to Build a Student Survival Kit?


A person going away to college sometimes gets a gift basket of 'survival' items. Some things in the gift basket could include: A laptop, a messenger bag, pens, notebooks, a college 'survival guide' book, a prepaid cell phone to call home, and a couple of rolls of quarters-for the laundry room. Another thing would be an Amazon gift card, or other shopping gift cards, or food gift cards.
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1. Purchase a bag or notebook to store the survival kit's items. Some schools have banned students from carrying backpacks and large bags. Schools that have banned bags supply the
This unique college student survival kit makes a great gift for someone getting ready to go off to college. It would also make a fun high school graduation gift. Materials Needed
College students enjoy things that they can do in their free time. Video games or sports equipment are good ideas for boys and DVD's are a good idea for girls. Another good option
If they are technologically inclined, why not try the gift of Apps. Pick a few of their favorite interests and find some Apps that would appeal to them Embed Quote
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1. Find a laundry basket in the student's favorite color. Every college student needs a laundry basket. Use it to hold all of the other items in the kit. 2. Supply ...
To make a college survival kit assemble things a new college student may need. This can be snacks, rolls of quarters for vending machines, laundry items or a prepaid ...
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