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When starting a new business, sometimes the most tricky part is coming up with great ideas for a company name. You want something catchy but not corny and you want it to reflect what your business actually is. Coming up with ideas can be even more of a challenge if somebody already has a name you were hoping for. Each state has a list of registered businesses, going through that can give you an idea on your own company name as well as show you what isn't available. Using part of your name in the business name can save you fictitious name charges as well.
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Some ideas for company names are that they can be a combined names of the people who created the the company, or can be a name related to the business. For example, if the business
1. Earn the company's trust. Sell ideas suitable to your credibility level. If you're a mailroom clerk, pitch an idea about a better way to sort mail. If you're a mailroom clerk who
Well before you decide on a name, be clear on how you want people to react to it. Offbeat names capture interest but may not necessarily talk about the brand or connect to an older
Over time, as a company changes its sales emphasis, the enterprise may attempt to freshen its image by changing the name of the company to better reflect what products and services
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Ideas for Naming a Company
Choosing a name for your company is an important process. Your business name represents your company so it must stand out. Be sure to choose a name that you know you want to keep for a long time.... More »
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