How to Decorate with Bowling Pins for a Banquet?


There many ideas that you can find to use bowling spins for decoration. You can have a bowling pin at the center of each table. Each of them should be wrapped with ribbons and flowers.
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1. Sand old wooden bowling pins to diminish scratches and nicks from the wear and tear they received. Once they are smooth to the touch, apply a sealant. 2. Coat the bowling pin with
Plenty of horseshoes hanging on the wall. Horseshoe napkins, tablecloths, coasters, mugs, plates, murals, blankets, etc. You get the picture.
I sometimes turn off the lights in public toilets, while the stalls are occupied.
Find an old bowling pin. You can purchase a pin at a bowling supply store or scour online sites or garage sales. An easier alternative is to contact a bowling alley in your neighborhood
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