Ideas for Drawing Door Prizes?


Door prizes for adults can really vary depending on the event. If it's a small house party, a bottle of wine or some movie passes would be great. A larger public event would require larger prizes, such as a microwave or sporting tickets.
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I had a Halloween party and I went to the $99 store. They had dollar movies, candles w/holders, and stuffed animals. it was perfect.
Originally, it was the BoA. Now you have Valencia, who comes every Tuesday.
hand to hand combat.
$5 gift cards to Starbucks/Jamba Juice, Headphones, helpful college stuff (planner, erasable pens/highlighters) cell phone charms that maybe say the year of graduating, stuff like
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Door prizes are given out at all kinds of events. It is usually a raffle of everyone who enters the drawing upon coming in to the event. Door prizes can different ...
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