Ideas for Goodie Bags for 13 Year Olds?


Coming up with ideas for a 13 year olds googie bags for their birthday party can be a big challenge. Teen years bring upon new interests that seem to show up out of no where, so the usual bubbles and crayons won't do. Candy, make-up, baseball cards, novelty toys and gift cards are all items that teenagers will enjoy. Of course your budget will decide most often what really goes into the goodie bags, but some parties give out movie tickets, CD's, DVD's or theme park tickets. No matter what the budget there are many options that are sure to please any crowd.
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If giving 5-year-old children large amounts of candy in their goodies bags makes you think twice, consider preparing a bag filled with healthier alternatives. Add a small box of raisins
well it really depends on the gender, and theme of the party i`m a 11 year old girl and at my party (its gonna be a slumber party) i will put a: sleep mask,glow sticks, a pillow case
*lip balm (EOS, Burt's Bees, anything from Walmart or Target.not expensive ones) *pretty ballpoint pens (Dollar stores have some really really nice ones) *pocket hand sanitizers (
Some ideas would be lip gloss, body glitter, or maybe even hand san...
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Goodie Bag Ideas for 13-Year-Olds
Thirteen-year-olds are at an in-between stage. They are no longer considered small children, but they are not yet older teens. A 13-year-old will often enjoy children's toys or treats, but they also want to be considered more grown-up. Goodie bags geared... More »
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