Ideas for Grooms Table?


A grooms table is usually one spot in all of the wedding day rituals and decorations that reflects the groom. In the past, the groom?s table generally had simple decorations and served almost like a refreshment table, usually holding chocolate cake, mints, nuts, coffee, and other beverages other than the typical wedding punch. These themes can range from decorations and food that can be centered around the grooms favorite sport, sports team, his favorite activity, or a place that he enjoys.
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Ask him outright what kind of party he wants, and remember this is his bachelor party, not your bachelor party. You may be fantasizing about exotic dancers, but your buddy might have
no one. The bridal party sit with the bride and groom. However, the latest trend is a sweetheart table where the bride and groom sit alone. In that case a separate table isprovided
Example Idea: create Tablespace by using ASSM.
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