Ideas for My Daughters 13th Birthday Party?


Coming up with ideas for your Daughter's 13th birthday party can seem like a nightmare, their tastes have changed and barbie cakes and balloons just don't make a party anymore. Having a girls only party is a fun way to celebrate your Daughter's birthday. She can have a sleep over, have spa treatments and watch movies and giggle the night away. Having a more grown up party for friends and family and a few close friends may be ideal as well. At 13 girls know exactly what they want, so if you end up still unsure what kind of party to throw,your Daughter will be likely more than happy to tell you.
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1. Consider throwing a sleep over, but make it really special. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. If it's nice weather, pitch a tent in the back yard and have a camping party.
you chould do a really fu nday out ice staking, paint ball, horse riding anything thats a day out would be fun.
1 Pick a theme. There are a huge amount of themes for 13th birthdays, including: Rollerskating party Relay racing Sleepover Pool Party (at your home pool or a community pool)
Get a limo to pick you up from school, have a dance party with all of your friends, have a boy-girl party. play spin the bottle, truth or dare. stay up all night, watch scary movies
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well ,,., what about a disco party?? or a makeover w/ sleepover :D ?? ...
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