Ideas for New Laws?


The Government is always trying to come up with new laws for us to follow, but some of the best ideas for new laws come from kids. Their unique view on the world allows them to come up with ideas that aren't biased, and sometimes more sensible than adults. The New York State Government holds an annual, 'That ought to be a law' contest, allowing children to come up with laws they feel should be in place in the US. One of the more popular laws was presented in 2010 by a 5th grader who said that it ought to be a law that every playground have special needs playground equipment. Listening to children has never been more important than it is during this contest.
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You must first focus on what it is you want. Start each day with a little meditation to assist your efforts. Concentrate in a quiet area on exactly that which you're aiming for and
Senators, congressmen, house of reps members, anyone can suggest an idea to your local congressmen.
I think it's not fair for one person to live with another's parents when his/ her parents need him/ her equally. I am going to use the majority and assume it's the girl's parents
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