Ideas for School Spirit Day?


Doing shirts are the most common way to show school spirit. Using the school colors with slogans or different sayings are a great way to show off the school. Some people choose to place bumper sticker on their cars as well. You can do events to help your school raise money to help buy new equipment. Showing school spirit is not just about showing off your school, you can donate to the school, go to school events or tell people to go to them.
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Have a pep rally and provide a large assortment of costumes and wigs. On strips of paper, write down the names of a dozen well-known comedy films and ask for groups of four to come
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Before a pep rally or a big game, have a week of different activities to get students involved. For example, athletic contests, wearing school colors, saying the school slogan before
1 Think of school colors. First, depending on the length, style, and color of your hair you will want to be able to incorporate your school colors into your hair. You will definitely
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Ideas for Spirit Days at School
Spirit days allow students to break out of the monotony of the school year by having some fun and dressing in a humorous fashion. Many schools have a spirit week, comprised of themed days, leading up to major sporting events or important high-stakes... More »
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