Ideas for Wacky Tacky Day?


Ideas for awesome wacky tacky day outfits should include random pieces that do not go well together. Try colors that clash or mismatched patterns. Wear a Hawaiian shirt with plaid shorts and long socks with strange desgins.
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Ideas For Wacky Tacky Day
Many schools have Wacky Tacky Day during spirit week, but it can be hosted any time of year or to show school spirit for an upcoming game or sports playoff. The school may even hold a contest for the wackiest and tackiest outfit. Sometimes a winner from... More »
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Sophie shorts, long sleeved t-shirts, and winter boots with long socks and knoted hair:
Wear a red blazer with shoulder pads (insert your own to make it look ridiculous) Jeans that look very juvenile (glittery and butterfly embroidery) A white or black blouse under the
On Wacky Tacky Day a girl should wear 3 skirts, 2 shirts, leggings, socks
OMG this is like the BESTTT crazy hair idea put a plastic cup like 5-6 inches tall(depends on how tall you want your hair to be) on the top of your head and then take all of your
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There are a variety of different ideas that you can apply on tacky day. Tacky day is otherwise known as wacky day. You can wear mismatching clothing on this day. ...
Wacky Tacky Day is a day reserved to look your trendiest from wild dressing to freaky hairstyles. There are numerous hairstyles you can choose from for the day ...
where nike shorts then jeans under them leg warmmers 2 different shoes and 3 different shirts like long sleeve, tee, then beach shirt. also where hair in two different ...
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