Ideas on Decorating a Shadow Box?


A Shadow box is a box that resembles 3-dimensional picture frame that is used to display collectibles in the house. The best way to decorate the box is by the use of warm colours such us blue, pink and beige. The colours can be matched up with the furniture in the house.
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1. Select a style of shadowbox. If you want to display several items or a collection, then you might consider a shelf with multiple inserts or niches. This shelf may stay open, or
You can tape a pretty piece of paper *scrapbook, wallpaper, etc* to the backs and then place simple things like pretty candles or small glass jars/vases .so when you get bored with
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Bunny Garland is a new Martha Stewart decoration, the template'out-of-...
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Ideas on Decorating a Shadow Box
A shadow box is a picture frame with depth that you can use to arrange and display three-dimensional items. Preserve your memories, collectibles, treasures and photos in a shadow box frame. Decorating a shadow box with cherished items is one way to both... More »
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