Ideas on Egg Crash Cars?


Science teachers like to ask their students to come up with ideas on how to make egg crash cars to help teach students how to calculate speed, acceleration and force of their cars. The cars are made out of the egg cartons themselves and the students can add various components to it the car to make it go faster and ride smoother. Raw eggs are then placed inside the all the different designed crash cars, and then studies are performed on how fast the car goes, if it crashes and what the outcome of the car landing at the end of a ramp is. The students then get to talk about how they could have been built better.
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Crumple zone .… Lots of padding??
make it very long. the only place that should be very sturdy is the compartment with the egg. pack that with cotton or foam insulation from a can. the rest of the car should be able
While every design under the sun has been tried, some of the most successful utilize NERF material to cradle the egg in one fashion or another. This is similar to the egg drop challenge
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School projects to design egg crash cars are very popular. They give students the opportunity to solve problems using items they may have around the house. The ...
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