How does one identify pewter marks?


To identify pewter marks first examine your pewter piece for any identifying marks and make a note of the specific fine points of the mark on your pewter item. Explore your library and online for books on pewter marks. Take photographs of your pewter item and finally get an appraisal from a pewter specialist to be sure of the results.
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1. Inspect your pewter item for any identifying marks with a magnifying glass. It's critical to see all the details, such as a maker's name or initial or a picture of a crown or an
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Identification of Pewter Marks
Pewter is an alloy comprised of tin (91 percent to 97 percent) with antimony and copper. The more silver the color the higher the tin content is. Makers added antimony and copper for strength. Through the years, the different markers represented... More »
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Although some pewter bears no marks at all, many pieces can be identified by the designs and initials stamped into them. There are three basic kinds of marks found ...
Pewter touch marks are a pewterer's trade mark. It often includes the name or initials of the pewterer. Touch marks vary greatly in style and size, and consumers ...
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