How do you identify antique swords?


The best way to identify a sword, especially an antique sword, is to examine it closely. You will need to pay attention to all detail. Taking quality photographs of the swords can also help you to compare them with other antique swords to get an idea of the worth of a particular sword.
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Instructions. Determine whether or not your sword is a replica, fake or authentic antique. Look for signs of modern construction and technology. Temper lines which are etched into
A Roman sword is also known as the Gladius. There are two main types of Roman swords: the Roman short swords and the Roman long swords. It is said that the Roman short sword is one
Cooking oil tends to get all gummy over time, not of much use except for cooking. As for the sword, maybe, if you have a local museum, they might have somebody there that could identify
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