Identify Authentic Chanel Purse?


Chanel has a way of combining classic style, elegance, and high quality materials into stunning handbags. When shopping for a Chanel purse, you must be careful to ensure that you are getting a legitimate handbag. One way to determine if a purse is authentic is by checking to make sure that the 'C' on the right overlaps the 'C' on the left. Secondly, Check to make sure there is a hologram sticker on the inside of the bag. The hologram sticker cannot be easily removed, and if it comes off easily, the bag is often a fake. Chanel bags are made of calfskin and if a dealer is claiming that the bag is made from a different type of leather, it is not authentic.
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1. Check the craftsmanship and materials of the purse. Chanel purses consist of the finest materials and fabrics. Many Chanel purses use materials such as calfskin and goatskin. You'll
Usually there some easy ways to tell, just like with Rolexes. A real Rolex will have a second hand that glides smoothly, as opposed to ticking. A real Chanel (or any high-end purse)
Authenticity is the key and sometimes people will lie to you to make you buy what they have. Consumers are blinded by the brand name and think that a fancy and popular name can say
1 Check the logo. The Chanel logo is comprised of two interlocking
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Real designer purses are high quality stylish lines of handbags present in the market. You can identify an authentic Chanel purse by looking at the logo. Secondly ...
Chanel is a high end luxury brand of makeup, fragrance, clothes and purses. To tell authentic Chanel purses, find the serial number. It should be imprinted somewhere ...
You can usually tell if a Chanel purse is authentic by checking to see if there is a tab sewn inside with the designer's name, logo and/or a serial number. Also ...
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