Identify Crystal Stemware?


To identify crystal stemware you will need a crystal reference book. The book will have markings and explanations on who made the stemware. Look at the bottom of your pieces for the markings on the piece. You can then compare this to the photos in the book.
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1. Look closely at the stem of the crystal or on the bottom of the base for a mark or signature from the manufacturer. If there is a mark or a symbol but not a full name, you may
Mikasa crystal stemware range from prices as low as 19.99 to prices as high as 89.99, depending on what product you want to buy, and from whom you buy it. The cheapest one, at 19.99
1. Look for the foil sticker. Some of the older Waterford pieces or limited run patterns were not stamped with the traditional "Waterford" name or logo. Instead, a small
I would have to say Swarovski. the question of "what(which) is the best. is always tricky because of personal preference. I'm quite sure that not everyone will agree, but it
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