Identifying Antique Glassware?


Identifying antique glassware involves knowing what to look for in terms of manufacturers, markings and dates. There are websites that will guide one in determining certain glassware and categories such as Victorian and Art Deco glass ware.
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1. Know the various names and manufacturers of the antique glassware you are trying to identify. You can find the information and many close-up photographs in numerous guides by well-known
You can notice an antique by getting appraised by an appraiser. You can ask yourself where it cam from, was it passed down from generation to generation. Did you find this antique
1. Examine the overall shape of the cuckoo clock. The most prized antique cuckoo clocks date from the 1850s to the 1880s and take the form of either a case with a clock in the center
1. Examine the outer rim of very old pewter plates and the handles of old ale-pots and tankards. Look for impressed initials - the "touch mark" or stamp of a registered
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How to Identify Antique Glassware
Most dealers and collectors define antique glassware as items dating back two generations or more. That means many items in your grandmother's china cabinet, including Depression glass, will be considered antique, if you are an adult today. Identifying... More »
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To identify antique glassware, first familiarize yourself with the names and manufacturers of the antique glassware you are trying to identify. Check the base of the glassware. Newer manufacturers made smooth bottoms compared to older ones.
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