How to Identify Marijuana?


There are many characteristics to look for when identifying a marijuana plant. The stem of a marijuana plant is prickly and hairy. The leaves are divided into leaflets. There are 5-9 leaflets on each stem.
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1 Dried marijuana buds are not very difficult to identify. The buds, or smokeable part of the marijuana plant, can vary according to strains or types of marijuana. Size, shape, color
Marijuana is id'd by having a stem that is stiff and fibrous, the l...
1. Get a book on identifying common garden plants or hop online and print out a decent guide if you can't tell a tulip from a morning glory. Take this guide out with you into your
1. Analyze the leaf of the plant. You already know that the general shape is round and this will be helpful for your analysis. However, there are a number of other characteristics
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Marijuana is an illicit drug derived from the dried parts of the Cannabis sativa hemp plant. The main parts used are the green and brown mix of flowers, stems, ...
The female marijuana plant produces the smokable part. This is called the bud. The buds form all over the plant which are later harvested to be smoked. ...
A watermelon plant is actually very easy to identify because it has very distinctive leaves as well as flowers. These plants will have beautiful yellow flowers ...
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