How do you identify old bottles?


If you've found old bottles and want to identify them there are many resources. Old bottles can be identified by markings on the bottles. The markings are usually on the bottom of the bottle. The sometimes include embossing and numbers.
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1. Observe the shape and color of the bottle. The shape of the bottle can illustrate what it was originally used for, helping you to identify its purpose and approximate age. Apothecary
1. Examine with a jeweler’s loupe the top portion of the dial of the vintage Tissot watch. Until the late 1950s or early 1960s, Tissot watches featured a slanted “Tissot
1. Soak the bottle in vinegar for a few hours, or as long as overnight. This natural solution may help soften the barnacles, allowing for easier removal. 2. Chip away the larger parts
1. Examine your Mercury sewing machine. Locate a small metal plate that is riveted to the machine's base, facing the front of the machine if it is manufactured before 1960. The plate
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How to Identify Old Bottles
Collecting antique bottles can be a lucrative hobby. Glass bottles began to be manufactured around 1850 and were used for beverages, cosmetic products and household cleaning supplies. Determining the date of a bottle helps the collector to determine the... More »
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Blue glass bottles are rigid blue containers of amorphous solid material. You can identify an old blue grass bottle by studying bottles with embossing, by identifying ...
Many factors play a part in determining the value of old bottles. For instance, the age of the bottle, the color of the bottle, the condition of the bottle, like ...
There are several factors that determine the value of old bottles. However, the value mostly depends on the age of the bottle; an older bottle has more value ...
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