Where can you search for IDOC inmates?


Idaho Department of Correction, or IDOC, provides an online search through their website which will allow users to do an inmate search. This will allow the general public to find out general public knowledge about inmates in the IDOC system.
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The Illinois site is down for maintenence.if you were NOT trying for that state, I'm afraid I don't know, but someone here. http://www.prisontalk.com/. probably will.
1. Find an online directory to search for prison inmates. Commonly used directories include "The Inmate Locator, "Inmates Plus" and "Ancestor Hunt. 2. Click the
I'm assuming through good behavoir.
Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTDOINME How do i find out what charges and when an inmates release date is? Which county is he/she incarcerated in? Go to the court website for that
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Click here to search for an inmate by name.
Sometimes, the Illinois website is down for renovations. As a result, at these times you will not be able to access some of its services. A good example would be the IDOC inmate search link.
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