If I have already built my website, does that limit the website conent management systems I can use?

We have a fairly flat HTML site and we're trying to make it more dynamic. Will my content management system be determined by what we code the site in? Or is that separate? Any help is much appreciated.


Brian Provost (VP, Digital Strategy, Define Media Group)
It's generally pretty easy to port content from one system to another. It usually involves some scripting, Excel, and some server side redirects.

I've pulled some pretty gnarly 90's era websites into Wordpress and Joomla with a little dev help and even helped move a 100,000 product e-commerce catalog on a series of technology platform migrations. Spending a little more up front for good developers/programmers will save you headaches on the backend.
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Andrew Mosson (CTO, Focus)
It sounds like you have built a pretty static web site that doesn't currently have a database for a backend. If this is the case you are not really limited in what you can choose. Many of the small website CMSs are based around PHP but there are options available for the .NET and Java platforms as well.

Rebecca Gill (President, Web Savvy Marketing)
Catherine I'd encourage you to visit WordPress.org and check out the capabilities of this CMS package. WordPress is great for creating dynamic, SEO friendly websites that the average company can manage in house.

You'd just need a WordPress consultant to convert your HTML over to WordPress's system. There are a ton of us WordPress consultants around and we very greatly in price and service offering, so you'll easily find someone to fit your needs if this is the route you decide to go.
Maria Marsala (Accounting & Financial Advisor Coach, Strategist, Speaker, Author, Elevating Your Business)
If you like your website, then someone should be able to help give you the look of your current site in a CMS program and you can move the content/pictures over or they can.

If you don't like your website, then your website would be built on the web designers website (if you are that person, you can build it on a hidden directory on your website, then when it's all ready have it moved to the main part of your website.

One of the pluses of using a CMS program on your website is that changing or adding content is pretty easy. Additionally many CMS program have plug-ins or wizards and such to add other features to your site as you grow.
Godwill Bindeeba (CEO, Quick Lingo)
I agree with Rebecca. Word Press is a great tool. If you put a bit of an effort into technical side, you could get great results in terms of your SEO strategy and customer attraction. It is quite simple in use. It allows you external linking, along with other various text editing options. Moreover, I consider the statistics report option, much like google analytics, very useful in measuring the popularity of the website.

You can see our Word Press blog here: http://translationdigest.wordpress.com/

Yuliya Kozachenko
Quick Lingo Group
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