Does IHG offer an employee discount?


The InterContinental Hotels Group does offer a discount to its employees. The discount is available through the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program, and it is available to employees of IHG and its subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as employees of hotels that IHG and its subsidiaries and affiliates own, manage and franchise.

The exact amount of the IHG employee discount depends on the Average Daily Rate range of the hotel where the employee plans to stay. As of 2014, if the ADR is $74 or less, the discounted rate is $29. If the ADR is $75 to $99.99, the discounted rate is $39. If the ADR is $100 to $124.99, the discounted rate is $49. For properties with an ADR that is at least $125, the discounted rate is $59.

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