How Many Ikea Stores in the United States?


There are 38 IKEA stores in the United States. IKEA has a total of 338 stores in 40 countries. There are plans to open two more stores in the United States in the fall of 2014.
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IKEA is in Tempe, AZ, Draper, UT, Portland, OR, & 2
I would imagine the US Census Bureau might be more accurate, which puts the number closer to $4.4 trillion. The number includes food and drinking places, so if you did not want that
The first store opened in 1987 in Warrington, Cheshire There are 15 stores in the UK, the largest is in Brent Park in North London standing at 31,100m2.[34] Stores are under construction
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Ikea is a home furnishing store located around the United States. The closest Ikea store to Richmond, Virginia, would be in Woodbridge, VA. ...
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