Why Did Ekaterina Gordeeva Get a Divorce from Ilia Kulik?


Ekaterina Gordeeva is a Russian figure skater and she was the Olympic champion in 1988 and 1994. She got married to Illia Kulik in 2002 at a private ceremony. As of 2012,Ekatarina and Illia were still together and they opened a skating rink in Lake Forest California.These two have a baby named Elizaveta Illinichna and she was born in 2001 June 15th.
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There is no report about Kulik and Gordeeva getting a divorce. In a 2012 article, the couple are still together and they opened their own skater rink in Lake Forest, California, a
Elizaveta. Ekaterina also has another daughter named Daria.
Ilia doesn't wear his wedding ring when he's skating or when he's around the rink. However, he can constantly be seen with his ring when he's in an off-ice environment (meet and greet
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The reason why Ekaterina Gordeeva got a divorce from Ilia Kulik is not clear as their divorce stories are just rumors from people and media. Some sources say that they are not divorced as they live together with their daughter Daria. Ilia Kulik Ekaterina Gordeeva's baby is called Daria.
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