Illegal to Drive While Wearing Flip FLOPS?


There are states where it is illegal to wear flip flops while driving. These states believe that it is dangerous to have specific types of shoes that do not cover the entire foot. Virginia is one of the states in this category.
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It is completely a myth that you can't drive while
Because it's dangerous . !
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Thongs can slide off during an accident and get stuck under the brake. The same law applies to any backless high heels or mules; these can also slip off.
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It is completely a myth that you can't drive while ...
Driving in flip flops is not necessarily illegal, but some states do frown upon it. In some states, driving barefoot is illegal, but other states do not care either ...
Although it is not illegal, it is unsafe and not a recommended practice by most DMVs in the US. You will not get a ticket, but the shoe may slip off during such ...
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