ImageShack is a media hosting service. People can upload photos through the website, then share them all across the web. The use of these hosting services are completely free and unlimited.
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One way to upload images to Image-shack is to use imageshack-uploader. This is an application that can be used to upload single pictures and multiple images. It is available with an imageshack account.
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1. Start on the Imageshack loading page. In the center of the page you will see a box that allows you to upload your images (pictures and videos) in a few simple steps. 2. Choose
Select the files by clicking on them, then click the 'delete' link. If you delete a file it will not load from any location, including any locations from which you may have hotlinked
ImageShack would be a place to place a persons photos and videos because it is an easy and reputable website that allows for a person to share pictures and video with family and friends
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