Imaginarium Train Table?


An Imaginarium train table is a popular all in one train set. It includes the train table and accessories. They are made to be used inside on flat surfaces. To stabilize an Imaginarium train table if your floor is not level, you can add table feet to the legs so you can adjust the height.
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1. Remove the train tracks and loose buildings from the table and set them aside. 2. Turn the table upside-down so that its feet are sticking straight up in the air. 3. Select a drill
I was looking for the same thing. While I haven't found anything specific to the Imaginarium table, I did find some resources for creating different track layouts. Source(s) http:
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Only the Bombardier cars, which look like this: There's no certain trains during the day that use this rolling stock, though. so It's pretty much random if your train will be this
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