Immiscible is a word that means something that can't undergo any kind of blending or mixing. For example, water and oil cannot be mixed together. The two items are immiscible.
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not miscible; incapable of being mixed.
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(chemistry, physics) incapable of mixing
because it water and oil each of them has a negative charge and positive charge so they can't be mixed together.
immiscible: (chemistry, physics) incapable of mixing
Water is a polar molecule, meaning that it has a different charge on opposite sides (the hydrogen gives it a slightly + charge while the oxygen gives it a slightly - charge) and the
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(chemistry, physics) incapable of mixing ...
One example of miscible is that glycerol is miscible with sorbitol. An example of immiscible is how oil is immiscible with oils. Miscible means that it will form ...
Immiscibility is the opposite of miscibility. It describes the property of liquids not being able to mix together normally. Immiscible liquids cannot mix and it ...
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