Impact of Music on Society?


The impact of music on society cannot be ignored. Music has influenced various cultures and most people have made money through music. Computers have also had a fair share of impact on society.
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Computers have impacted society in ways we never thought were possible! People in different countries are now able to communicate in real time. We are able to meet others and explore
Blacks in the 1920s and '30s faced severe segregation in America. Segregation laws prevented them from playing in certain clubs. Unable to vote, they often faced hostility when they
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The disco phenomenon spread quickly because the "collective
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Rap music is responsible for anti-social behavior, poor academic performance and pregnancy on teenagers. However it impacts positively to a small extent on them ...
There is evidence to indicate that music can enhance certain faculties of the mind. Studies done with small children indicate that instruction in music, particularly ...
The American Musical theatre is currently a trademark of the American performing arts. It is the reason why musicals became popular and it is the reason why musicals ...
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