How has Cuba been affected by imperialism?


The United States trade sanctions on Cuba are considered by many to be an act of imperialism. Imperialism is the tendency of one or more countries to impose some degree of force on a country of lesser world status in order to gain resources, land or population. Cuba is one of many countries that has been affected by what some call United States imperialism.

Third World Traveller explains that due to the history of trade relations between the United States and Cuba, most Cubans regard the United States as a heavily imperialistic country. The History Channel connects the current relationship between Cuba and American imperialism to the Bay of Pigs. On April 17, 1961, Cuban exiles made an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro's communist government. The exiles were armed with American weapons, implicating the government in one of the largest scale clandestine scandals to be revealed in centuries. The overthrow was a failure, and the United States barred its citizens from traveling to Cuba or importing Cuban goods. Further, the United States government imposed a trade embargo that left the Cuban economy in a devastated state. This is the major act of imperialism that Cuban nationals believe is responsible for the current economic and political situation in their country.

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