Implantation Bleeding Heavier with Twins?


Implantation bleeding with twins is heavier in some people and light in others. If the bleeding persists for more than one week, one should see a gynecologist in order to get help.
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no i believe every women and pregnancy is different. with my first two pregnancies I didn't have any implantation blood. but with this pregnancy i did get some about a week after
If it's only the one day and not too heavy ie) you're not filling a pad every hour, then you're probably fine. If the heavier bleeding continues for 3 or 4 days, then it's your regular
I just had twins in October and when I got pregnant I had no implantation bleeding, so more bleeding does not mean more babies. It's pretty much a wait and see kind of thing.
No, it just means you bled twice. Not everyone gets implantation bleeding- I didn't.
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Implantation bleeding can be heavier with twins, but it is not likely. With twins, two eggs may implant, depending on the type of twins you are having. There's ...
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