Importance of Animals to the Environment?


All animals play an important part in the environment. Some animals help to assist in the cycle of different nutrients throughout the ecosystem while others are important because they help to speed up decomposition. Most animals are important because they are a part of the food chain that helps other animals higher up in the chain survive.
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Animals are needed all around the world. If we did not have them, there would be no food or drinks. As on the other side of the answer, animals did a big part to create the world.
Without the environment everyone and everything would die. That is why it is important. If our environment was destroyed, there is no place else for humans to migrate to.yet.
Bees are key pollinators of flowering plants, creating a symbyosis
Wasps are often portrayed as one of the villains of the animal kingdom, but wasps kill a number of insects that are regarded as pests, acting as a natural pesticide. Parasitic wasps
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