Importance of Computer in Our Daily Life?


The importance of computer in our daily life are; they increase the speed of work, they help in compiling data which is used in records, they have brought a revolution in the field of medicine. Computers have become a gadget of almost daily use for people of every age.
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because i think you can learn so much from them.
Common-sensical math and physics is enough for most people to get around (like crossing the lawn takes shorter time than going around it etc). Algorithms do come in handy, for some
It saves time and is convenient to help us rather than having to memorize all the data stored in it. It is a time saving device. For me, it is my ever present Bible with several versions
1. Keep in touch with your friends and family through social networking websites, chatting and email. Up to less than 20 years ago, keeping in contact with beloved friends and family
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