What is the importance of E=mc2?


E=Mc2 is a formula for energy. E represents energy, m represents mass, and c2 represents the square of the speed of light. This well known formula was established by the renown mathematician Albert Einstein, who discovered the strong connection between energy and mass. Einsteins work, however, was slow to be confirmed and many scientists since have worked on that. 
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E=MC 2 is important to the theory based upon the idea created by Einstein, His theory was that E represents units of Energy, M represents Mass, C 2 represents speed of light squared
1. Weigh the object you will perform the calculation for with a mass balance scale. Record its mass. 2. Convert the mass to kg, if necessary. To convert from g to kg, for example,
The sun undergoes nuclear fusion. e=mc2 means mass=energy. The high mass from the sun is turned into energy. When the atoms fuse in the sun, this releases the high amount of energy
1 Know that the equation is simply about special relativity. Simply put, this equation tells us that mass and energy are two forms of the same thing. In the right condition, mass
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