What is the importance of the English language in daily life?


The English language is important in daily life because it is the official language of multiple countries, as well as the dominant business language throughout the world. More than half the total content on the Internet is displayed in English, and the combination of online communications and international business have created a much larger need for the English language worldwide.

English is referred to as the international language, as it is rapidly growing as the second language in several countries. English allows individuals from around the world opportunities to seek employment in the United States. The modern economy has led multiple American corporations to outsource their call centers to India and China, and it is imperative for the telephone operators to understand and speak clear English. This, in turn, creates additional job opportunities for English-speaking residents.

Understanding and speaking English allows individuals from foreign countries to enjoy a wide variety of literature, films and television programs that are written and broadcast in English, as well as communicate online with individuals from around the world. There are several options when it comes to learning the English language. ESL courses are taught at multiple community colleges and night schools, and there are many online courses and computer programs available that make learning English easy and interesting.

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Importance of Spoken English Language
The importance of English as a spoken language began as a result of the colonial era, when European powers took to the seas in order to find new lands and natural resources. The effects of that time can still be felt in the number of English speakers in... More »
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