Importance of First Aid?


First aid is emergency treatment that is administered to an injured/sick person before professional medical care is thankfully available. First Aid knowledge is important for everyone to know, because effective first aid can reduce the consequences of many injuries, being able to administer effective first aid does not simply involve having a first aid kit on hand, and you have to decide whether the injury or illness can be treated with what might be called simple first aid.
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First aid is so important especially now with all of the strange infections that are going around. First aid is usually meant for minor cuts and scrapes or is in reference to the
First aid is important because it is the essential primary care given to an injured person hence the name, "first aid" If a person were simply thrown in the back of the
First aid, such as CPR, or applying pressure to a bleeding wound, saves hundreds of
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First Aid
First aid is the prompt treatment of a victim of injury or illness before emergency medical help arrives. Emergency and first aid kits and CPR can save lives. More »
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