What is the importance of international relations?


International relations are key for ensuring a safe world. Without effective communication, small misunderstandings can have dire consequences. As the nations grow and change over time, foreign relations are key for forging beneficial relationships.

Countries need to communicate to survive. All nations depend on trade, and all nations have to interact with others on occasion. Even isolated nations, such as North Korea, are forced to communicate with their neighbors. Foreign relations are based on this international communication.

Poor foreign relations can lead to horrific consequences. World War I, for example, is largely due to Germany's rapid ascent the role of the most powerful nation in Europe. Many experts believe that better relations between Germany, France and England could have prevented one of the most destructive wars the world has ever seen.

Modern foreign relations also depend on cultural understanding. Individuals from different cultures have different values and beliefs, and politicians and other foreign representatives are not immune to these feelings. By learning about other cultures and how to interact with them, politicians and diplomats can make exchanges more productive and beneficial. As the developing world continues to grow, new countries are becoming bigger players on the international stage. These nations are expected to have a profound impact on foreign relations in the 21st century.

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The European Union's official website emphasizes the importance of international relations, noting that the EU is most effective when its member nations speak with a united voice
As our world becomes smaller and smaller through communication
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The Importance of International Relations
International relations are an exceptionally important aspect of citizenship in a global society. As our world becomes smaller and smaller through communication technology, rapid air transportation and a complex international economy, the value of... More »
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