Importance of Literature?


Literature, besides being an art form used for expression, also preserves cultural ideals, customs, and morals. The written word gives us a deeper context into the lives and livelihood of people distinct from ourselves – this can be true of historical literature but is equally true of modern literature, as well. We can learn as much from William Shakespeare's time through his plays as we can from authors from a different mindset or place.

Besides this detailed and nuanced window into another person's or people's world, literature also challenges the reader to profoundly ponder the art form itself. Through metaphor, allusions, themes, foreshadowing and other literary devices, the reader has the opportunity to analyze a work beyond the written words.
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It isn't because there was so little of it. People didn't read or write and those who did were clergy. What is left is important because it gives us an insight of life in that time,
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The study of literature allows you to develop new ideas and ethical standpoints and helps you to present yourself as an educated member of society. Studying literature can be an enriching, eye-opening experience.... More »
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