Importance of Radioactivity?


Radioactivity has an importance mostly when it comes to medicine, but is important for science in general. In medicine, radiation is used as a way of finding tumors within the body and then it is used to destroy them. However, in the realm of science, radiation can also be used to determine the age of the earth as well as the universe, itself. Unfortunately, as much as radiation can be helpful, in large amounts, it can be harmful or deadly to all living matter.
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A rock formation. Environmental radiation moves in rays, or waves that contain energy and, in some cases, particles. The sun emits radiation, but there are no radioactive particles
Radioactivity is important for a number of reasons. It is the basis of both nuclear power and nuclear weapons. It allows for such things as medical X-ray examinations. Radioactive
Radioactivity is the spontaneous emission of radiation, either directly from unstable
Salaam, I hope this link will give you a starting point; it talks about the discovery of radioactivity and information on it.….
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