Importance of Rocks?


Rocks are a natural part of Earth. As civilization has progressed, we have learned how to use the gifts the Earth has to offer. Many rocks are useful in daily life. Back in very early times, rocks were useful as caves, hammers, cutting utensils, and weapons. Today we use them in different ways. For example, sedimentary rocks are used as coal, limestone, crude oil, salt, iron ore, and clay. Coal is important to modern life and is used for fuel and energy. Clay can be used for pottery and dishes. All kinds of rocks are also used in landscaping and building.
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Earth's first rocks (igneous) cooled from a melt, forming two general rock types: basalt and granite. Basalt is a dense, iron-rich rock and forms the ocean floors. Granite is a less
because we can use it for roads metal jewelry building cometic and many many more thing.
The Dome of the Rock is of great importance because that's the location where
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