Importance of Statistical Quality Control?


Statistical quality control is a process of inspection that is used by organizations or manufacturers to make sure that the product or service provided adheres to certain standards of quality. Statistical quality control gathers and evaluates data based on objective criteria.

One of the benefits of statistical quality control is the ability of those in charge of the evaluation to detect problems and implement ways to fix them.
Q&A Related to "Importance of Statistical Quality Control?"
Your question is very general. I will try to answer it the best I can. As QC is usually taught in the universities (part of industrial engineering) there is typically a strong emphasis
( stə′tis·tə·kəl ′kwäl·əd·ē kən′trōl ) (industrial engineering) The use of statistical techniques
A control is sample in which a factor whose effect is being estimat...
I think Computer Science and Control are two big fields. To answer this question correctly one would have to be more specific in a sub area. Example: UAV Control in Control or Machine
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