How Is Water an Important Solvent in the Body?


Water is an important solvent in the body because it is used to help transport vitamins and minerals to many of the body's cell systems. Water is also used as a solvent to transport waste and unnecessary materials out of the body, such as excess salt. This function is part of why it is so dangerous to become dehydrated.
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It can do many things.
Water is a non-ionic polar molecule and it will dissolve anything that is non-ionic, polar and most ionic compounds. Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid.
Do U want to know more about the physical properties that make it a good
it can disssolve important substances which could be used by living organisms
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Water is a good solvent since it has high dielectric constant and is very effective at screening the forces between ions, so preventing salt reforming. ...
Because water is able to dissolve more substances than any other liquid that does not cause an adverse reaction. That is why humans need it to consume as much ...
Solvent refers to any liquid used to dissolve and disperse useful substances. An example is water which is a solvent used to dissolve salt, a solid. ...
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