Imvu Money Cheats?


In the PC game IMVU, credits are used as money to buy clothing and furnishings for your home. IMVU is a virtual reality game where you can create your fantasy life. Obviously the more credits you have, the more items you can buy. You can earn credits by completing offers such as installing the toolbar or giving feedback on the game. There are some cheat codes where you can get certain items for free. Using the code *use 169 can get you camo frog cargo shorts.
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By using *use 1242,or *use 900.Thanksx and I am FROM IMVU. Get 10% off $50 when you use this coupon code. DZMSZUGUB4 runs out 4/27/12. HURRY ! :P.
When you start "IMVU" you will have this thing that when you get into a 3D chat
Free spin game - just search it on the imvu homepage.
1. Log in to your myYearbook account and the IMVU 3D chat messenger. Currency Connect only recognizes the exchange when you’re logged in. Even if you’re logged in to IMVU
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Imvu is a computer game based on money transactions. The game has several levels each of which can be crossed only if the player has a specific amount of money ...
IMVU is a virtual reality 3D game that allows you create your home, your style, become a designer, and chat with millions of other users. Most of the cheat codes ...
Cheats and money in online games. There is no way to effectively get free in-game currency for IMVU, Second Life, World of Warcraft, EVE, Conan, Video Poker, ( ...
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