In a 25-meter pool, how many laps equal a mile?


Swimming approximately 64 lengths in a 25-meter pool equals one mile. If one lap equals two lengths, approximately 32 repetitions in a pool of this size are needed to complete a mile.

One mile equals 1609.3 meters. Competitive swimmers and their coaches do not use the exact mathematical calculation to determine the number of laps necessary to reach a mile. These pros and their coaches use 1650 meters as their own benchmark, a length which actually is longer than a true mile. In swimming competitions, 1650 yards is also often called a mile, which is shorter than a true a mile.

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1/3 of a mile is approximately 536.5 meters so you're looking at about 21.5 lengths.
There are 1069 meters in a mile, so that would mean you'd have to swim 42.76 laps to reach your goal!
You would need to do 65 laps in a 25 meter pool to swim a mile! Thanks for using ChaCha!
OK here it goes: how many laps in a 25 meter pool would equal 500 yards? 1 meter = 1.28084 yards. 25 meters = 32.021 yards. 500 yards divided by 32.021 yards = 15.6. so about 16 laps
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One lap usually means that you swim the entire length of a pool. A mile is composed of 1760 yards. In a 25 yard pool, it would take 70.4 laps to swim a distance ...
An Olympic sized pool is fifty meters long. In order to swim a mile the swimmer would have to swim sixteen lengths. This would be thirty-two laps of the pool. ...
A short-course lap pool is 25 meters long, and a long-course lap pool is 50 meters long under American and international standards. Many recreational lap pools ...
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