In Greek Mythology Which Beautiful Youth Fell in Love with His Own Reflection?


Narcissus is the youth in Greek Mythology that fell in love with his own reflection. He was from a town called Thespiai in Boiotia and was celebrated because of his beauty. His beauty attracted many admirers but due to his arrogance most of them were spurned.
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This was Narcissus, who caught sight of his reflection in a pool when he stopped to drink from it. This is where the term 'narcissistic' comes from, to describe someone who is extremely
In Greek mythology, Narcissus, a human youth but
Narcissus. Click on the link to read the whole sad and unfair story. Source(s):
Narcissus is known in Greek mythology as the boy who fell in love with his reflection in the river. One version of the myth sees him pining endlessly.
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