In Maths Terms What Does Factor Mean?


The math term factor means one of two or more figures that can be divided exactly into another figure or digit. It can also be used to refer to an independent variable that is mostly used in statistics.
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A factor is any number in multiplication that makes up a part of another number. In the mathematical equation 2 x 3 = 6, both the number 3 and the number 2 are factors of 6. In equations
Factors are numbers that, when multiplied together, equal a number. For example, the factors of 6 are 1, 2, and 3. When these numbers (1, 2, 3) are multiplied together, they equal
A factor is any of the numbers or symbols in mathematics that when multiplied
(x+1)(x+5) (r-5)(r-7) (n+1)(n-5) (y+5)(y-3) (3p-1)(p+4) (5a+2)(a-2) 2(r-1)(r-5) -8(2t+1)(t-1)
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What Does the Math Term Factor Mean?
Math is a discipline with a language all its own. Mathematical terms can have meanings and connotations within the mathematical realm. A math factor, simply put, is a number that makes up a part of another number, generally through the process of... More »
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In mathematics, the term factor refers to any of the numbers or symbols that when multiplied together form a product. For example, 3 is a factor of 12, because 3 can be multiplied by 4 to give 12. Similarly, 5 is a factor of 20, because 5 times 4 is 20
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