In what part of the hurricane is the air pressure the lowest?


The part of a hurricane where the air pressure is considered to be lowest is the centre of the eye. The wind is normally calm and there is little or no rain at all.
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The center or the "eye" Think of the Hurricane as a vortex that is sucking things up like a tornado. The winds are so powerful that you don't really see it sucking. But
When a hurricane makes landfall, the
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Hurricanes form when warm moist air rises and leaves behind a low pressure area below. The low pressure area then is filled with air that has higher pressure. ...
Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the United States in the last 100 years. The central pressure of the storm was also the third lowest ...
Warm tropical oceans heat air above causing it to rise quickly leaving behind a region of low pressure. Winds rush towards the region and whirl upwards. Earths ...
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