In what phase of meiosis are sister chromatids separated?


In the anaphase II stage of meiosis, the sister chromatids are separated and begin moving to opposite poles of the cell, according to When the paired sister chromatids are fully separate, then each is considered to be a full chromosome. These are known as daughter chromosomes.

Anaphase II occurs near the end of the meiosis process. By the end of anaphase II, each pole of the cells will contain its own chromosome group in preparation for the final stage, telophase II.

When telophase II is complete, the meiosis process is over. The result is four daughter cells, each with half the number of chromosomes as the original parent cell.

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Homologous chromosome pairs separate in Anaphase I, sister chromatids separate in Anaphase II. The answer is B.
When centromere divides at anaphase of mitosis or 2nd stage of meiosis
Sister chromatids are identical copies of a chromosome. Compare sister chromatids to homologous chromosomes , which are the two different copies of the same chromosome that diploid
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