In What Region Have Damaging Earthquakes Been Concentrated?


Damaging and devastating earthquakes in history have occurred along certain areas of the earth more than others. Most of these earth quakes have been experienced in the mid-Atlantic Ridge through to the Himalayas and then to Indonesia and China before reaching parts of the Caribbean.
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Since 1769, many damaging and potentially damaging
The most damaging earthquakes throughout history have occurred on a line from the mid-Atlantic Ridge through Iberia, the Alps and Italy, through Turkey and Iran and on to the Himalayas
Japan and Chile are probably the two countries better prepared for earthquakes in the world. This is because they know earthquakes are coming all the time. Obviously everyone can
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Damage caused by earthquakes depends on what area is hit. If an unpopulated region is struck, there will be low loss of life or property, while if it hits a large ...
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